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The House Experience

The Singapore Coffee House experience is thoroughly timeless. Kopitiams have been serving millions of Singaporeans with food, coffee & chai since the 1920’s. Times have changed, people have changed but the spirit of Kopitiam remains. It is this spirit that we seek to share.


All are greeted warmly here. Conversations drift from the next table to steal your attention. Unique and delightful handcrafted libations flow from behind the bar. The smells of our chef cooking up a smokey storm waft through the cafe. It could be Chinese, Indian, or Malay, we are inspired by all.


It's an environment of warmth and familiarity, coupled with intrigue and excitement.


Our Vision

As a cook and a team, our vision is to introduce you to Singapore’s incredible and unique food & drink culture.

More importantly, we want to share the stories that make our coffee and food so distinctive. 

Who We Are

Our passion for what we do all started with Dylan. Being half Singaporean, he grew a fondness to the culture and their approach food. Above all, Singaporean food is about family and community, and how it can be used as a way to bring people together. In order to serve the community best, Kopitiam & Hawker stall owners have worked this way for generations, with a strict dedication to fresh handmade produce, hard work and remaining humble. This approach is what inspired Dylan to start Singapore Coffee House, and it’s why we will always be a small family cafe. 


- No Smoking

- No Opium

- No Chewing Gum 

- No littering 

- No Durian

- No Running 

- No P.D.A

- No Singing in Public

- No Feeding the Pigeons

- No Bargaining

- No Swinging Cats

- Social Gambling Permitted

- No Table Reservations

- One Person per Seat

- Small Pets Permitted

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Opening Hours

Monday: 10 - 3.30

Tuesday: 10 - 3.30

Wednesday: 10 - 3.30

Thursday: 10 - 3.30

Friday: 9-4

Saturday: 9-4

Sunday: 10-3

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