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food Makanan  |  உணவு  |  食物

The food we serve, is a product of pure passion and admiration for Hawker Centre culture and Singaporean street food vendors. At the end of the day, the stories we are telling here are really theirs. We want to put the spotlight on Singapore's unique and complex culinary scene. From Hokkien inspired Laksa to Malay style Peanut Satay. Singapore's alluring flavours and unique continental influences are the the backbone of our unique food experience. 


Our menu has been created from our chef's favourite Singaporean dishes. Food that speaks to our imagination and yearning for exploration. In terms of flavour, Singaporeans always go bold. Salty, spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, crunchy, creamy, all brought into harmonious balance. 



Spiral Curry Puff

(served 9am until sold out)


Karipap Pusing - A classic Singapore Kopitiam snack. Quite similar to the Cornish Pasty but instead of shortcrust pastry, curry puffs are made with a layered and rolled puff pastry, which is how the crust gets its iconic spiral pattern and unique flakiness. Our curry puffs are made in house, fresh every morning. (V)





  1. (in Singapore English or ‘Singlish’) very enjoyable or pleasing (used to convey a feeling of sheer pleasure and happiness)


  • (of food) very tasty; delicious."it's super spicy but pretty shiok"



For coffee lovers who like their coffee black. Best enjoyed without sugar, this is a surprisingly smooth coffee without the typical bitterness found in other coffees.

Kopi brew topped up with hot water.



Teh Tarik (pulled tea) is a classic drink in Singapore. It is a sweetened milk tea that is 'pulled' (poured) between two vessels at a height great enough to create froth and aerate the drink. Spiced Assam tea w/ condensed milk.

Drink  Minuman  |  குடித்தல்  |  饮料

Our baristas are busy brewing up the next fresh batch of Kopi or ‘pulling’ some spiced Chai. Drinks that you have might not have come across on your travels before. The techniques, tools, and ingredients we employ are older than Singaporean itself. We insist on using the most traditional Singaporean ways to make our coffee and tea. This means that there are no machines involved, just proper old fashioned cotton filters and the skillful hands of our Kopitiam Barista. Don't fret though, we still have all your contemporary favourites like espresso, loose leaf tea, sodas and juices. 


Nanyang kopi

Simply put, 'Kopi' (pronounced Koh-Pee) is how the Singaporeans and Malays pronounced coffee. Nanyang Kopi is coffee done the Singapore way.


Unlike most western coffee brews, which are mostly made with Arabica beans, Kopi is made from Robusta beans, which contains a higher dosage of caffeine. To enhance their flavour, the beans are roasted in a wok with sugar. This caramelises the beans and gives them a unique aroma. This process produces Nanyang Kopi's characteristic sheen and bold chocolatey fragrance. The beans are then ground, steeped in hot water and strained through a ‘coffee sock’ (a cotton cloth that acts as a filter) to create Kopi brew.


If you are still not convinced, then please let us know when you come in and we will happily let you try a sample, on the house.


Our Kopi is imported from small artisan roasters in Singapore.


Meet our Cook & Founder

Our Cook Dylan prepares all his favourite Singaporean meals for you everyday. Being half Singaporean, he has always had a fondness with Singaporean culture and food. Everything on our menu has been inspired by his many happy memories of Singapore. From the first time he walked onto Satay street to the many times he spent gorging on curry puffs. After working as a chef for over 10 years he decided to open his own place to share Singapore's unique and wonderful food and drink culture. 

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Enjoyed at street food hawkers all over Singapore, Laksa is a true fusion dish, influenced by Indian, Malay & Chinese cuisines. A deep 36 hour vegetable broth is stewed with curry paste and coconut milk, then poured over thick rice noodles. There are many regional varieties of toppings but ours is served with a boiled egg, beansprouts, fried shallots, coriander and your choice of fried beancurd, chicken or prawn.

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